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      Fixing Your 401(k)

      Over the past year, we have been saddened to see more and more articles written about how 401(k) retirement plans are failing.  As advisors who advocate and administers these plans, we would unfortunately have to agree that the 401(k) industry is missing the mark in making sure the employee participant has a successful experience and can reach their retirement goal.

      This is especially troubling since there are more vendors offering 401(k) plan options as the level of assets committed to these plans has exploded to  trillions of dollars while participant’s outcomes have not improved.

      Our firm created a 401(k) awareness campaign for CFO’s and Human Resource personnel entitled “Fixing the 401(k)”.  Our goal is very simple and involves two parts.

      First, we will give you some background on why 401(k)’s are failing.

      Second, we will provide you with guidance on how to benchmark your own plan’s success while also giving you the tools necessary to make improvements to your plan.

      Based on a survey we did in Pennsylvania, there are three key issues that continue to contribute to a failing 401(k).  Those problems are:

      1. High employee absorbed 401(k) costs
      2. Below average performing investment options
      3. Lack of meaningful advisor driven employee education

      To help demonstrate and emphasize the three most problematic 401(k) components identified above, we have utilized a mix of information from recognizable trusted sources such as ERISA, Forbes and Bloomberg News. 

      Read the first part of our series here:

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