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    The 401(k) Dilemma

    401(k) plans are not all created equal. These plans are highly complex. With the ever changing rules and regulations, remaining compliant with the law becomes more and more challenging.

    Here is a short list of the 6 most common 401(k) Plan pitfalls:

    1. Fiduciary Liability exposure
    2. Unreasonable Fees and Expenses
    3. Lack of participant education and disclosure
    4. Limited investment choices
    5. Plan testing failures (i.e. Top Heavy rules, ADP/ACP problems)
    6. No Investment Policy Statement

    In many cases the solutions to these problems are not apparent to the plan sponsor. For over 25 years we have partnered with some of the best industry custodians and TPA’s in order to offer our clients the most comprehensive 401(k) platform. These would include companies like Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Vanguard, Fidelity, PCS, and Ascensus, just to name a few.

    Using our collective experience, we can present you with one of the most unique, extensive, customized, cutting edge, benchmarking tools in order to thoroughly analyze all aspects of your 401(k) plan. This key analysis will identify areas which may help you save money by lowering fees and expenses, increase plan participation, broaden investment menu choices, and potentially uncover fiduciary liability issues.

    In today’s retirement world, doesn’t it make sense to know how your company really stands as it relates to all of the fiduciary requirements under ERISA law?

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    How will the following issues effect your 401(k)?

    • Fiduciary Liability       
    • Plan Fees and Expenses
    • Participant Involvement/Education
    • Investment Choices